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Information Kiosk


Information Kiosk

The Research Department has begun the process of digitizing materials – OCHSDP (Ocean County Historical Society Digitization Project). The goal of the Project is twofold: first to preserve and protect the materials; and second to make the materials more readily available to researchers and other interested persons.

The Information Kiosk provides access to digital content. It contains summary data with pointers to the original documents as well as scans of original documents. It is not available online, but can be accessed in-person at the Research Center. Here is a list of the information currently on the Kiosk:

Families of Old Dover
The “web” version of the collection of booklets that attempt to collect into a single source, materials related to a single family coming from census records, cemetery records, birth/death records, funeral records, and bible records. There are currently over 70 booklets in the collection.

Ocean County Birth Records
Little Egg Harbor Birth Records 1848-1880
More to follow

Ocean County Death Records
Dover Death Records 1864-1876
NJVS Dover Death Records 1848-1867
NJVS Brick Death Records 1850-1867
NJVS Jackson Death Records 1850-1867
NJVS Union Death Records 1849-1864
Plumsted Death Records 1848-1923
Death Notices Reported in Ocean County Democrat 1871 – 1893
Lacey Township Death Records 1921-1945
Little Egg Harbor Death Records 1848-1979

Probate Records
Probate Information — Records compiled by Ralph and Bea Johnson and transcribed by Betty Grant
Applegate Probate Information — Records compiled by Donald T. Applegate ca. 1950

Ocean County Marriages
Ocean County Marriages 1850-1890 Vol. 1
Dover Township Marriages 1864-1876
Methodist Circuit Rider Marriages 1869-90
Marriages of Joseph Lawrence, JP, 1818-1838
Marriages of Isaac Peckworth, JP, 1841-1866
Little Egg Harbor Marriages 1848 -1880
Marriages recorded in the records of the Presbyterian Church Toms River 1862-1888
Marriage notices appearing in the Ocean County Democrat 1879 – 1893

Ocean County Historical Society Scroll (Newsletter)
Article Search
Author Search
Topic Search
Name Search
Scrolls — Select an individual Scroll to view

Cemetery Records
Data base of Cemetery Records compiled by volunteer Staff at OCHS
List of Cemeteries in the OCHS Cemetery Project

Census Records
Dover Township Census — Dover Federal Census Records 1850 – 1900 transcribed by Richard Kuntz ca. 1990
1850 Ocean County Census Records transcribed by Richard Kuntz ca. 1990
1860 Census — Transcribed ca. 1992 by Maggie Reden and converted to html format 2010 by Richard Kuntz
1870 Census — Transcribed ca. 1992 by Maggie Reden and converted to html format 2010 by Richard Kuntz
1880 Census — Transcribed ca. 1992 by Maggie Reden and converted to html format 2010 by Richard Kuntz
Island Heights Census — Island Heights Federal Census Records 1910, 1920, and 1930 transcribed 2008 by Richard Kuntz
Name Search- Search the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 Census for records for a specified surname (At present time, 1900 census records only include Jackson and Plumsted Townships)

Deeds on file at OCHS (Ocean County)
List Deeds — List Deeds on file by Grantor or Grantee

New Jersey Archives – Dover Township Probate
New Jersey Archives — Abstract of Wills

VanHise/Callaghan Mortuary Records
Name Search — Records for the period 1931 – 1956

Listings of Ocean County High School Graduates
Toms River High School — 1921-1970
Central Regional High School — 1957-1965
St. Joseph’s — 1970-1974

Civil War Pension Records – 1890
Ocean County Civil War Pension Records as of 1890

Catalog of Media Holdings
List all Records — Order list by Author
Media Holdings

Ocean County Indian Survey
Survey reports compiled 1978

Bible Records
Bible Records transcribed from documents in file OCHS
Lists the records in the file by Head of Household

History of New Jersey
Index of Articles appearing in the publication: New Jersey History
Index of Articles appearing in the publication: New Jersey History for a specified author name